Work Injury Chiropractor Las Vegas, NV

Dr. Rick Owen has treated injured workers in Las Vegas for10+ years. Dr. Owen accepts work injury claims in Nevada state and is an expert in providing chiropractic treatment along with The Family and Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”) / back-to-work paperwork.

Dr. Owen treats and evaluates Nevada State federal workers compensation patients (OWCP/Department of Labor).

Whether your an injured Las Vegas Police officer or casino worker, your going to need a chiropractor that understand the importance of getting back to work pain free.

Dr. Owen is recognized as an Independent Medical Examiner in Las Vegas, and can perform an IME on claimants.

Insurance Accepted Las Vegas, NV:

  • Unied healthcare
  • Medicare
  • ASH
  • Teamsters
  • Signa
  • One health
  • UMR

Work Injuries happen – Don’t ignore your pain Las Vegas

Injured on the job? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Owen one of Las Vegas’s top Chiropractors.  Dr. Owen has treated 100’s of workers injured at work in Las Vegas. Medical documentation accuracy is key to recovery, state of mind and ensuring that your employers understand the depth of your injuries.

Dr. Owen will  diagnose, treat and document the stages of your condition for your claim.

Are you suffering back pain from repetitious lifting at work or sitting for hours on end? Whatever the reasons for your back pain.
Dr. Owen will be specific and in his report and state for instance: “lumbar sprain/muscle strain” from heavy repetitious  lifting .

Dr. Owen depending on the severity of your condition will suggest to your employer work restrictions, that will limit the tasks you perform in order to properly recover from your injuries.

Dr. Owen is experienced in the Medical–Legal Terms necessary for documentation purposes.

GET BACK TO WORK LAS VEGAS! Choose Quality Chiropractic Injury & Rehab today.

Now Treating low back pain workers requiring chiropractic care.

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