Vertigo, Dizziness After An Accident in Las Vegas!

Have you been suffering from Vertigo (dizziness) after an accident/injury? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Rick Owen, one of Las Vegas’s top chiropractors. Dr. Owen will be able to determine the root of your pain and what also may be causing your Vertigo attack . You may require an upper cervical adjustment. The symptom ‘dizziness’ is common in patients with chronic whiplash related disorders. Dizziness accompanied by neck pain in patients who have suffered whiplash is pretty common.

One patient that was rear-ended in an auto accident, felt his neck stiffen up and suffered blurred vision. He had never had vision problems prior to the accident. The patient began suffering from headaches, dizziness, worsening of his visual acuity and increased blurring, pain shooting down his right arm, loss of balance and coordination, “cracking” sounds in his neck, muscle twitches in his left leg, pressure at the base of his skull, and pain between his shoulder blades.

Dr. Owen preformed an upper cervicaVertigo, Severe Neck Pain, Headaches, Dizziness l chiropractic evaluation, and no surprises diagnosed an upper neck injury, which most likely stemmed from his auto accident.  Within the first month of treatment the patient felt an improvement in all of his symptoms. As treatment continued by month two all symptoms disappeared. By stabilizing the patients neck, the patient happily reported feeling whole again!

A simple hit to the head, can cause a patient to endure severe pain in his neck, headaches, and dizziness. Going to the ER where they will run multiple tests (MRI’s, Xrays, and possibly spinal tap) may not reveal what ever is causing the patients dizziness.

Hospital emergency rooms are interested in there things:

  1. Are you alive.
  2. Are you bleeding?
  3. Do you have an broken bones?

If the answer is no to all three you’ll probably be prescribed heavy doses of pain killers and a suggestion to followup with your family doctor. Your dizziness and pain is real.

Vertigo Balance & Pain Relief!

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Dizziness & vertigo After a moving vehicle Accident

Once an evaluation is preformed, and an injury in the upper neck is discovered, we promise within a month of care, you will feel better. Studies show that neck pain patients undergoing chiropractic treatment for Vertigo reported an improvement at 1 month, 3 months and 6 months, with 80% of patients.

Patients involved in auto accidents have reported experiencing a stiff painful neck, fatigue, dizziness, arm numbness, ear congestion, and ringing in his ears. The symptoms would be chronic, on and off for three months straight. Delay in treating such symptoms can worsen an individuals condition.

Feeling dizzy after an accident? It is in your best interest to schedule an appointment with Quality Chiropractic Injury & Rehab in Las Vegas, ASAP!

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