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Las Vega, NV 89123




[vc_row top_margin=”none” el_position=”first last”] [vc_column top_margin=”none”] [mc_testimonials id=”testimonials” testimonials_count=”10″ testimonials_title0=”Dr. Owen has treated me since I was in my car accident in 2006. Without his treatments and vast knowledge of his profession, I do not know where I would be today physically or mentally because of the severe pain that was caused by the injury. Thank you Dr. Rick Owen one million times over!” testimonials_author0=”Valerie Taylor” testimonials_title1=”Dr. Owen helped me with my lower back and sciatica pain. I get adjustment, little sore that day and then better the following day. He treats my entire spine” testimonials_author1=”Nickie Malinak” testimonials_title2=”Hi, just wanted to say thank you. My neck is all better and my right ankle is 90% better. Went to foot doctor and got a shot its like 50% better hopefully will continue to heal. Any way thanks so much! All because of you. You’re the best. I’m sure if I give it some thought I can thank you for hundreds of things over the years.” testimonials_author2=”Tina Spitale” testimonials_title3=”I had a motorcycle accident 4 years ago and went to several chiropractors before I met Dr. Rick Owen. He was very professional and helped me get back on my feet. I will continue to go to him whenever I need follow up work done for the rest of my life. I highly recommend this professional Chiropractor.” testimonials_author3=”Justin Goodman” testimonials_title4=”Over the years I have seen many Chiropractors and Dr. Owen far surpasses them all. He is a master at his craft. He truly cares about his patients and he works to heal. If it moves, he can adjust it. I always feel better after he adjusts me.” testimonials_author4=”Denise Pacatte” testimonials_title5=”My experience has been great. There is a sense of comfort and reinsurance that my well being is cared for. That my recovery is more important than anything else. The quality here is amazing and better than anywhere else.” testimonials_author5=”Eduardo D. Rossal” testimonials_title6=”Twenty years of drumming and ten years of roofing finally took its toll on my body. When I found out I had a herniated disc in my lower lumbar, my heart sank. The doctor referred me to a physical therapist, but I did not want to rule out the chiropractic option. Thankfully, Dr. Owen does both. He is knowledgeable and honest about my condition, and within three sessions I was able to notice a difference in my back. In the five months since I began at Quality Chiropractic, my adjustments have become less severe (I went from a weekly appointment to monthly), and my daily pain is more than manageable. Most importantly, the price is great for the quality of the work. Value is important to me, and Dr. Owen’s treatment has become almost invaluable. I would definitely recommend making an appointment if you are feeling any joint pain or if you need physical therapy.” testimonials_author6=”Alexander Simmons” testimonials_title7=”Up until this past year I only had migraines once every 4 or 5 years. This year, it was around March or April and I had already experience about 15!! My wife was the one that “suggested” I go to Dr. Owen to see if he could do anything. Admittedly, I was a bit nervous because I have had a bad experience in the past with Chiropractors. Long story short, I went to Dr. Owen, he assessed the problem, explained it with great detail and then treated it. I went to him once a week for about a month and now go periodically for maintenance. As of this writing, it is currently December and I have only had one migraine since being treated. And that was partly because I was out of town. I highly recommend Dr. Owen!! He is very detailed and professional; and I am forever grateful to him for fixing my migraines.” testimonials_author7=”Dieting Done Right!” testimonials_title8=”Dr. Owen and the staff are amazing people… Very professional and care about their patients! He has helped my back tons! His knowledge about chiropractic care keeps me confident in him and keeps me coming back! You guys rock!” testimonials_author8=”Ashley Eberts” testimonials_title9=”If you’ve been injured in a car accident, struck from behind, you need Dr. Rick Owen. Accident victims often face damage in their ligaments, muscles, cervical spine (neck), resulting in acute or chronic pain. Regular adjustments in a dislodged neck vertebrae can help you back to the road to recovery. Got Whiplash? Let Dr. Owen put you back together. Get immediate healing. Back pain ignored could last for weeks, months even years if not properly diagnosed especially after a car accident. Looking for a quality care chiropractor? Choose Quality Chiropractic & Injury Rehab at 500 E Windmill Ln #115, Las Vegas, NV. borders Vegas and Henderson.” testimonials_author9=”Holly Wild” testimonials_title10=”Sample Sentence Text” testimonials_author10=”— Sample Author” testimonials_title11=”Sample Sentence Text” testimonials_author11=”— Sample Author” testimonials_title12=”Sample Sentence Text” testimonials_author12=”— Sample Author” testimonials_title13=”Sample Sentence Text” testimonials_author13=”— Sample Author” testimonials_title14=”Sample Sentence Text” testimonials_author14=”— Sample Author” testimonials_title15=”Sample Sentence Text” testimonials_author15=”— Sample Author” testimonials_title16=”Sample Sentence Text” testimonials_author16=”— Sample Author” testimonials_title17=”Sample Sentence Text” testimonials_author17=”— Sample Author” testimonials_title18=”Sample Sentence Text” testimonials_author18=”— Sample Author” testimonials_title19=”Sample Sentence Text” testimonials_author19=”— Sample Author” testimonials_title20=”Sample Sentence Text” testimonials_author20=”— Sample Author” testimonials_title21=”Sample Sentence Text” testimonials_author21=”— Sample Author” testimonials_title22=”Sample Sentence Text” testimonials_author22=”— Sample Author” testimonials_title23=”Sample Sentence Text” testimonials_author23=”— Sample Author” testimonials_title24=”Sample Sentence Text” testimonials_author24=”— Sample Author” testimonials_title25=”Sample Sentence Text” testimonials_author25=”— Sample Author” testimonials_title26=”Sample Sentence Text” testimonials_author26=”— Sample Author” testimonials_title27=”Sample Sentence Text” testimonials_author27=”— Sample Author” testimonials_title28=”Sample Sentence Text” testimonials_author28=”— Sample Author” testimonials_title29=”Sample Sentence Text” testimonials_author29=”— Sample Author” autoplay=”0″ pause_on_hover=”1″ scroll=”1″ effect=”none” easing=”linear” duration=”500″ top_margin=”page_margin_top_section” el_position=”first last”] [/vc_column] [/vc_row]

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